Custom Brush Seals

Custom Brushes


Unique ultrasonic welding assembles the backing, fibers, and fin into an integrated, unified assembly that won't break apart while in use or during fabrication.


General Description:

The Ultra-Plug® product has a hard backing where as the Ultra-Bend® product features a soft backing.

Ultrafab offers an endless list of filament options to choose from, we can design custom brush products that can be a passive or active component in a separation process. Based on stiffness of filaments, lighter weight option will not advance where heavy items will.

Seals designed specifically for elimination and reduction of airborne contaminants to control a processing system or to protect inner workings of equipment.

Eliminate vibration damage and noise with custom designed brush's by Ultrafab that are easily incorporated into OEM applications of all types.

  • Ultrafab's unique non-woven manufacturing system guarantees uniform pile height and backing widths.
  • Ultrafab brush seals reduce dirt, water, air, vibration and noise.
  • The structural integrity and consistency of Ultra-Plug dust plugs assures a tight seal and barrier against water and air infiltration.
  • Various adhesive options and widths are available.
  • Multiple pile cut strips to size for specific applications.
  • Withstands the harshest environmental applications with UV resistant properties.

Additional Options:

  • For desired sealing performance fins can be placed in any or all rows of pile.
  • Packed on reels and available in kiss cut shapes for added value for reduced overall cost and more ergonomic applications.
  • Specialty brushes with the ability to contour around tight radii or internal diameters.



Custom Brush Pads


Sound Abatement

Part Separation

UV Resistant Seal - Product Feature


Also Available:

Custom brushes that contour around tight radius or internal diameter. Various widths and adhesive options

custom brushes



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