Specialty Brushes

Pile Seals


We are experts at manufacturing and designing specialty brushes that are ultrasonically welded ranging from light shielding to passive ionization, cleaning and filtering


General Description:

Specialty brushes in several polymer options utilizing numerous filament configurations act as cleaning, sealing, and processing devices for various needs, from delicate to aggressive applications. Analysis of chemical exposure can also be researched.

  • Ultrafab brush seals reduce water, dirt, air, vibration and noise.
  • Our brush seals resist mildew, bacteria, and mold ultimately improving air quality.
  • Because of Ultrafab's unique non-woven manufacturing system, pile height and backing widths are always uniform.
  • Brushes can be angled to improve the flow of material around or through them.
  • High Compression and UV set resistance.

Additional Options:

  • 45°, 60°, 75° angles are available.
  • Mitered corners.
  • Adhesive backed products for press-and-stick applications.
  • Step pile provides various heights on the same brush.
  • Outside/Inside fin placement available.
  • Available on a reel in kiss cut.
  • Camber notching for increased lateral flexibility on complex curves.



Active Cleaning

Angled and Irregular Shaped Brushes


Also Available:

A series of tabs on both sides of the backing that are configured to lock pile into place

A series of offset perpendicular legs that are configured to lock pile into place

Pile Diagram

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