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Light Shields for Industrial, Architectural and Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Custom designed pile seals offer a higher performing and longer lasting solution for blocking out light leaks in and around lens assemblies in a wide range of lighting designs.

Product density can be adjusted to provide proper compression during actuation, allowing for lower friction during movement and less binding of the mating sheet metal panels. Also, with a customizable pile height and independent fiber construction, compression rates over long lengths effectively overcome any variation in gap tolerance to keep a consistent light seal that will not distort the enclosure.


Blinder Brushes for Telecom, Server Cabinets and Wiring Devices


Monofilament brushes act as the perfect sealing solution for gaps where thermal transfer needs to be managed, but cables, wires and connecters must freely pass thru. Custom densities and mixed fiber types allow for adjustability based on how many, or how few, objects must pass thru optimizing performance and space. Custom welded shapes also allow for better integration into existing designs to lower upfront development costs associated to complex tooling.



Energy Recovery Cartridge Seals


Brush seals with a high density monofilament designed to include a soft touch center fin can be used to assist in the reduction of airflow, and provide minimal wear. The added fin barrier feature also allows for the seal to double as a wiper, and with fins in multiple locations it can increase the efficiency of the seal up to 30% when compared to a non fin seal.



  • Integrated mounting tab reduces the need for additional mounting components.
  • All plastic design resists corrosion.


Static Elimination Brushes for Automation Lines


Static elimination brushes are used for the reduction of charge build up in automated processes where high speed movement can crate static, which can be damaging to surrounding equipment and harmful to operators.




Common Applications Include:

  • High speed conveyor lines.
  • Sheet line extrusion equipment.
  • Robotic pick and place machines


Roller Brushes for Industrial and Agricultural Processing


Various roller brush configurations are used for agricultural cleaning and processing for produce and vegetables, as well as for applicators, product guidance and transportation along conveyor lines.





Extruded Seals for Enclosures



Custom extruded seals can be manufactured to print for any design utilizing a wide range of materials and configurations, including co-extruded capabilities which incorporate multiple materials, as well as the ability to combine with our brush technology.


Common Applications Include:

  • Vent seals used for poultry, dairy and horticulture.
  • Enclosure compression seals for HVAC, fuels cells and refrigeration.
  • Edge and corner trim for sheetmetal edges.



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