Capabilities & Processes

Innovate – It’s What We Do
Many see Ultrafab as the logical choice for high performance sealing systems, but we offer much more and our capabilities are diverse:

  • Ultrasonic assembly of a wide range of materials and fibers
  • Extruded components using one or more thermoplastic and/or engineered polymers
  • Narrow loom weaving of a wide range of fibers, including conductive
  • Component incorporation into injection molded sub-assemblies

Product Design, Materials Research, Prototyping

Quality Products and On-Time Delivery
Ultrafab works with a wide range of industries and has experience with all types of quality control/assurance programs. Ultrafab employees work diligently to meet or exceed our customerís requirements. Our on-time delivery performance is monitored internally, with 99.3% of orders shipping on or before the confirmed date. Ultrafab uses a variety of stocking programs including min/max or KanBan and our numerous warehouses reduce carrying costs. We understand that to be competitive in the global market, we must provide a component solution that has a competitive total acquisition cost (TAC).

Value Added Operations

Our process development team can provide technical support to recommend the most appropriate process to meet our customers expectations.

  • Ultrasonic bonding
  • Custom profile extrusions
  • Roll slitting to required widths
  • Lamination of different substrates
  • Secondary assembly & processing
    • Die cut
    • Punching, notching, kiss cut
    • Adhesive application
    • Custom packaging
    • Welded gaskets
  • Cross head extrusion of multiple components & materials

Product Design & Engineering Support

In-house design and testing capabilities allow Ultrafab to be a value added design partner, helping our customer meet their critical timelines.

  • Technical design expertise & material selection
  • Product improvement & co-development
  • On-site application support
  • Product/Material testing
    • Compression/Deflection load analysis
    • Advanced cycle and weatherability analysis
    • Specialty materials research
  • Solid modeling design support



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